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Investing is intricate, but not rocket science — Simpson Capital, a Laguna Niguel investment advisor, offers long-term returns with a focus on client goals.
Welcome to the official site of Simpson Capital Management (SCM).  We have provided investment advice to clients across the United States since 1999.  SCM is a privately owned, independent registered investment advisor.
Our Vision
Deliver a fruitful, ‘user friendly’ investment experience for all clients.


Laguna Niguel investment advisor


  • Develop your individualized, goal-based strategy
  • Explain the strategy’s elements
  • Execute your strategy with traditional stock and bonds


What We Do

We offer fee-only advisory service for all types of investors. Our service is like hiring a personal guide for your journey through unfamiliar terrain. We are the constant lookout for threats to your wealth. Instead of travelling alone, we

  • Design your portfolio
  • Select the holdings
  • Place trades in your account
  • Watch for changes in your goals or reason for holding purchase

In other words, tell us where you want to go and leave the driving to us.


Reasons Why  —  What We Do

SCM provides quality service using the highest standards. We seek a balance art and science. Our service comes with the wisdom of many years spent in academics and hands-on experience.

The key feature of what we do is the focus of your goals and needs. We make sure your interests are placed before our own. Our fee-only arrangement is a perfect alignment of goals, we only succeed when you succeed.

SCM strongly feels markets and humans are not perfect and look for ways for gain.  Markets tend to overreact in the short-term and can be exploited. However, in the long-term, the markets get it right and fundamentals win out.


 What’s Likely to Happen

We form an outlook of the future to make decisions in the present. Our outlook is put together through direct study, research and forecast surveys. This picture is presented in our blogs, reports and tutorials.






For more info about these blogs, reports and tutorials, click on their title.  For the big picture, click Approach, Insight, Services or Firm.

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