Client Information- My SCM Account

My Account provides a dashboard for SCM clients to manage client information in your SCM account and corresponding Schwab account.

Schwab Alliance and SCM 

SCM is your primary contact of your relationship. SCM maintains close contact with the keeper of your holdings. Your holdings are held at Charles Schwab & Co. Schwab handles opening new accounts, executing trades, processing transfers and reporting client information, trade confirm, monthly statements and tax reports.

Schwab  has a team supporting SCM and their clients– Schwab Alliance.   Logon to their Website to gain access to financial and cash tools.  Features include account info, trading , cash services and Schwab’s research and tools. Click  As the other contact, you can call Schwab Alliance directly at (800) 515-2157.

Schwab is a registered broker-dealer and a major third-party custodial institution. Schwab is not affiliated with SCM. SCM is independently owned and operated. Schwab neither endorses nor recommends SCM. See the disclaimer section below for further information.


Open An Account Overview

Setting up an account is a little more involved than buying a loaf of bread, but not much. Since SCM is  providing advisory services, the set up involves opening an account with a third party firm to hold your assets. All that is needed from you is an existing statement copy.Client Information

It takes a few easy steps, assisted by SCM, to establish a working relationship with SCM and the custodian. SCM will be the primary contact point throughout the process, which should take a week or two.

Generally, the process involves putting a signature and current date on a few forms. In addition, providing a current statement These forms establish the client relationship with SCM and with Schwab (Account Application). The Account Transfer form gives Schwab authority to gather assets.

Account Opening Steps:

  1. Contact SCM and answer a few questions- SCM’s number is (949) 495-7922. SCM will complete Schwab’s Application and SCM Investment Agreement for you and then mail the completed forms to you for your signature . Instructions will direct you to the appropriate fields.
  2. Send signed forms back to SCM with statement- Please review the documents carefully and call with any questions. Once the Account Application and Investment Agreement are signed and dated, send them both back to SCM either by scanned email attachment (, or fax (949) 495-5909 or US Postal Service. Please include a copy of your latest statement. SCM will forward the Account Application to the custodian.
  3. Send Account Transfer form back to SCM- Once the account is setup with the custodian, SCM will complete and send the Account Transfer form for your signature and current date. Then, sign/date it and send it back to SCM either by scanned email attachment (, or fax (949) 495-5909 or US Postal Service.
  4. Relax- Enjoy your new found freedom while SCM takes on the investment management responsibility. The custodian will communicate with you directly via US mail and/or email with monthly account statements and trade confirmations. You can also access your custodian online.

Once up and running, we will have conversations to update your client information establish investment guidelines and periodically review the portfolio. SCM will provide quarter a written review, a newsletter, positions list and an invoice.

Feel free to call or email us with any type of question including ones which may not be related directly with your account. It is up to you to find a comfortable level of involvement in the management process.

Charles Schwab & Co. Disclaimer

Schwab is a registered broker-dealer and is not affiliated with Simpson Capital Management or advisors whose name appears on this Website. Simpson Capital Management is independently owned and operated. Schwab neither endorses nor recommends Simpson Capital Management. Regardless of any referral or recommendation, Schwab does not endorse or recommend the investment strategy of any advisor. Schwab has agreements with Simpson Capital Management under which Schwab provides Simpson Capital Management with services related to your account. Schwab does not review the Simpson Capital Management Website and makes no representation regarding the content of the Website. The information contained in the Website should not be considered to be either a recommendation by Schwab or a solicitation of any offer to purchase or sell any securities.