Retirement Planning

Achieving a safe, easy retirement is the top goal of planning through Retirement Planning and takes work. Income and expense forecasts is one of SCM’s key aids.

Retirement planning involves setting up a working method of saving enough funds to ensure a happy retirement. SCM shows where and how to gather funds and how much will be needed.

Retirement Prep

While still working, you should chose a life-style in terms of standard of living, health costs and insurance for your state of health and whether to leave an funds to heirs. Costs can guessed by setting up a budget and planning for inflation. Timing should be though out in early savings plans, taking early retirement and getting money advice during retirement.

Social Security

SS alone will not provide enough funds but its help is not small. SCM helps explain the system, describe payouts,helps filing for claims and looks at taxes. Issues which need to be addressed are early versus late draw, effects of extra earnings on benefits and other SS items such as Medicare.Retirement Planning

Pension Plans

Some plans can provide help from none to all needed income. Most plans are either DB or DC plans with defined rights, payouts, and other standards and use fixed ways to set payouts. SCM helps explain the types of benefits, their payout in regards to vesting and taking a lump sum versus monthly payments as well as plan loans and tax treatment.


IRAs are a helpful and low cost way for people with earned income to set money aside for retirement yearly. There are rules to worry about such as write-offs, after-tax Roths and Roth IRAs. SCM helps manage the IRAs in areas such as advice, shifting funds between accounts, withdrawing funds and picking heirs.

Self-employed Plans

SEP plans provide the self-employed client an opportunity to establish private pension funds. SCM helps you set them up, determine contribution and deduction limits, integration with IRAs, withdrawal programs and portfolio management of its holdings.

Other Ways for Retirement Planning

Diverse r options include 403b plans, 457 plans and 401k plans.  Other non-plan options include deferred compensation, housing equity, single-premium life insurance and employee-stock ownership plans.

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