Investment Research

Investment research is the detailed study of the performance of types of assets being considered for investment. Before we make a decision at SCM, we form an opinion about the future. Then, we figure out which assets will perform better than others.

SCM uses research and careful study to understand and describe the market environment by forming an outlook of the landscape. This reasoned knowledge is in the form of perspective, understanding, or deduction. Sometimes SCM may come up with an insight after a long period of thought, or suddenly out of thin air.

Once SCM has a feel for the bigger picture, it applies these broad themes to the industry and individual issue levels on an actionable basis. Then, an outlook is developed for each of the ten industrial sectors comprising the market by discerning factor patterns. Finally, stocks are followed in three tracking lists ranging from a universe of one hundred stocks down to the best in each sector.

Issue selection selection for your holdingsare drawn from these lists after diligent consideration and followed carefully for any changes in initial assumptions.  Finally, decisions are made broadly across all of SCM’s portfolios rather than isolated buy/hold decisions

Investment research


SCM surveys forecasts from major firms to form an outlook. Key points are watched in areas such consumers, firm spending, fed rules and laws and foreign trade. Sectors are surveyed to look for areas of growth.


We look at the eleven sector outlooks of stocks. Each sector has a unique demand and pricing traits. In addition, they also react differently at varying cycle points.


Firms are looked at in terms of leader merit, market share and a growing field. Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are evaluated on cost, index choice and method of weighting members. Finally, with bonds we look credit, type and term length.

For more on the results of our research, visit our Insights page.