Investment Management Services

Using Simpson Capital’s investment management services is like hiring a personal guide and pilot for your journey through unfamiliar waters. Instead of having to go it alone, SCM

  • designs your portfolio
  • makes the individual selections
  • places the trades on your account
  • monitors and reviews the outcome

In other words, tell us where you want to go and leave the driving to us.

SCM’s investment services have several aspects. The sections below give an overview of these aspects. To learn more on how this service is right for you, click on the links throughout the text.

investment management servicesPortfolio Management

SCM takes responsibility for your portfolio for all account types. The strategies and asset allocation selected are consistent with your goals. SCM chooses top quality holdings with ‘buy and hold’ intent, based on positive traits, sector outlook and expected market performance. We do not market time.

Asset class allocation is determined by studying your needs in terms of risk and return and spelling out investment guidelines. The portfolio strategies used are matched to your risk/return profile.

SCM’s uses individual issues of stocks and bonds. Our portfolios for smaller accounts are built using indexed Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) with no trading commissions or transaction fees.

For a more detailed look at our investment management services, please visit our Portfolio Management page.

Economic & Financial Research

SCM compiles forecasts from several sources to paint a picture of the future. SCM gives news and data for this outlook in our Market Journal blog and client newsletter. Visit our Research page for more information.

Client Service

SCM is the main contact for your account and your custodian. Services include completing account forms, asset transfers, help in tax matters and making payouts. Other services include fund transfers and proxy voting. Visit My Account for more.

Open An Account

SCM manages stocks and bonds for all Account Types. Visit Open An Account for more on how to set up an account with SCM.